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    • Knoll, 1986

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • A brick sidewalk and paved driveway go past the east side of the Knoll. The entryway is partially covered with climbing ivy and much of the building is hidden by trees and bushes.
    • Knoll, 1902-1905

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • A full view of the north side of the Knoll occupies the center frame. The wrap around porch, front entry way and the tower are clearly visible.
    • Knoll, 1900-1915

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • A ground view of the northeast corner of the Knoll. Trees surround the building and the tower is partially covered in climbing ivy. The lawn occupies the foreground of the image.
    • Knoll, 1915-1918

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • A large expanse of lawn is in the foreground, while the east side of the Knoll occupies the center of this 1918 photograph.
    • Knoll, 2001

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • A porch with large ceiling to floor glass windows is the central focus of this 2001 view of the southwest corner of the Knoll.
    • Knoll, 1919-1929

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • A snow covered lawn leads up to the east side of the Knoll. Trees and other shrubbery partially hide the north and south ends of the building. The Knoll roof is partially covered in snow.
    • Knoll, 2001

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • A view of the Knoll undergoing renovation and expansion. A scene is framed in trees. A sidewalk and street run across the foreground of the frame.
    • Knoll, 1905-1909

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • An early view of the Knoll taken somewhere between 1905-1909. The southeastern corner of the house and the large wrap around porch are in the center of this view.
    • Woman on horse at the Knoll

    • Knoll; Iowa State University;
    • An unidentified woman wearing a white dress and holding a cat, sits sidesaddle on a saddle horse near one of the entrances to the Knoll. A good view of the building's brick foundation appears.
    • Sketch v. 19, n. 2, March 1953

    • Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry
    • Problem in Women 1; The Dividing Line ALICE IRVINE 1; Juniper Tree ERVINE KRAUSE 4; The Misfit GEORGE PETERSON 5; Coed 11; Too Young or Too Old . . . . JACK PAARLBERG 12; Man, It's Fast LORALYN BEELER 15; Journey Away ERVIN KRAUSE 15; Senior Year...
    • Sketch v. 27, n. 3, Spring 1961

    • Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Drawing; Painting
    • Cold Pastoral . . . . A POEM BY TED KOOSER . . . . 2; Mother and God . . . . EDNA HENRY 3; Winter Dream . . . . BRUCE BUTTERFIELD . . . 5; Don't Send a Boy . . . . GEORGE HOPKINS . . . 10; A Drop of Rain . . . .TOM HARKIN . . . 16; March . . . A...
    • Sketch v. 42, n. 3, Spring 1977

    • Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Drawing; Painting; Photography
    • Canyon de Chelley By Daniel Doran 4; telephobia a poem by j. l. balvanz 11; A Fading Hope A poem by Mark Osing 12; Somnambule Ballads By De bra Wirkus 14; The Cage By Nancy Kimball 19; A Passage A poem byjoieHand 24; Clever Calf A poem by Betty...
    • Sketch v. 25, n. 3, Spring 1959

    • Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Drawing; Painting
    • Cover GERRY ANDERSON; Honor Among Thieves ROGER CROUSE 1; The Art of Scientific Criminal Investigation JACK GILL 7; First Snow Fall JAMES WICKCLIFF 11; River Man TOM LAMPE 12; Yarak DAVE WALLER 16; Evening Star LARRY SYNDERGAARD 22; In Lyric...
    • Sketch v. 37 (1), n. 2, Winter 1971

    • Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Drawing; Painting
    • The Photograph DEANNA MORSE 3; Senryu A POEM BY EARL KEYSER 6; The Glove of Indolence WARPO MARKS 7; The Interaction DEANNA MORSE 10; Old Greyhounds A POEM BY ROGER KATZ 14; "X" Marks the Spat MIKE MESSENGER 15; The Sweeping Up The Heart MARIAN...
    • Sketch v. 02, n. 3, March 1936

    • Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry
    • EARS. A Poem Richard Trump 2; How SHALL I SAY GOODBYE? A Story Richard Trump 3; DID YOU HEAR? A Poem Catherine Birmingham 8; EVENING CARILLON. A Poem Maurice Kirby 9; MY CREED LeRoy F. Harlow 14; JOYEUX NOEL. A Story Edward Jenner Whiteley 15; THE...
    • Sketch v. 35, n. 2, Winter 1969

    • Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Drawing; Painting
    • A Stranger's Funeral A STORY BY MARSHEL ROSSOW 3; Snap A STORY BY RICHARD GUTHRIE 6; For Your Evenings A POEM BY DEAN WOMELDORF 10; Moth A POEM BY JOSEPH C. DESY 11; The Peony Sprite A STORY BY VICKI ROUTH 12; A Song for Margie A STORY BY DENNIS...
    • Sketch v. 05, n. 3, March 1939

    • Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry
    • Comments from Winifred Van Etten 2; Last Deadline Robert Crossley 3; Wind Wolves Clyde Wilson 6; Hermann and Oscar Joe Dain 7; Meegel and Nanonne Robert Wallace 9; Interlude Margaret Himmel 10; Favorite Ghosts Jean Austin 12; The Trapper Arnold...
    • Knoll, 1966

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • The covered entryway, large open air porch and bricked sidewalk are shown in this 1966 view of the Knoll.
    • Knoll, 1958

    • Knoll (Ames, Iowa); Iowa State University
    • The east side of the Knoll is almost hidden from view by the trees and other shrubbery. The large wrap-around porch on the left is either glassed or screened in. The porte cochere is partially visible through the trees on the right.


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